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Will You Break The Cycle?

With your support, buildOn’s Breaking The Cycle campaign will fund an afterschool program at one of the nation’s toughest high schools and build a new school in Malawi, where there is a desperate need for education.

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We are Breaking the Cycle

The story of buildOn is the story of people who have taken charge of their own lives, and who are finding ways to change their communities and our world.

  • From a high school student whose view of the world was transformed by building a school thousands of miles away, to a businessman who sees a new way to invest in the future.
  • From a grandmother’s delight at the opportunities she sees for the generations ahead, to a Bronx high school whose students and teachers embrace the power of service.

Explore the stories below, then take action to break the cycle in your own life, and in the communities and world that you call home.

Maria's Story

Maria’s Story

An inner city teen expands her horizons

Tierra's Story

Tierra’s Story

A college student overcomes adversity

Ruth's Story

Ruth’s Story

A daughter fulfills a father’s vision

Ndawala’s Story

A father learns to read and write

A Bronx Tale

An urban high school overcomes adversity

Felisiya’s Story

A grandmother keeps joy alive

Carlyle’s Story

A businessman looks beyond the numbers

Ibrahim’s Story

An actor inspires the next generation

Your Story is Next…

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