A Call to Action in Haiti

A few days ago, we signed a covenant and dug the foundation for a new school in Rousseau Village.  Before that, we dropped in on a buildOn project in the village of Flamand where the parents are painting the walls and putting the final touches on their new school.

Today, we are in Geffrard Village where the community came together to put the roof on their school.  Three different communities, three different schools, three different stages of construction.  But all are buildOn schools, all are post-earthquake projects, and all will make room for children and families that fled Port Au Prince.

The community members in Geffrard pressed us about when we would build our next school. We pressed them about why education is important for the children here. One man stepped forward, put his hand on the shoulder of a little girl and said, “If she doesn’t have education, she is living but will not exist.”

The little girl’s name is Islaine Dorvil and she is five years old.  Her family survived the quake, but lost everything and was forced to live in the streets of Port Au Prince for three months without shelter.  Islaine, her mother and two brothers finally found their way to Geffrard Village where they now have a home and have joined their new neighbors in building this school.

Islaine Dorvil with her mother and two brothers near the ongoing buildOn school project.

Over the last ten years we have built fourteen like the one we are building here. Over the next three years, we plan to mobilize communities and build thirty-six more.

Each of these schools will educate up to 225 children and will cost $32,000 to build.  All told, these schools will educate more than 8,000 children per year for many generations to come.  But we cannot do it alone.  In fact every donation, no matter what the size, is critical.

Why?  Because if Islaine Dorvil and thousands of other Haitian children like her do not have education they will be “living but will not exist.”

Please visit www.buildon.org and join our campaign in Haiti!

Many child survivors now attend the buildOn school in Ravin Sab. We need to build 36 more schools like this throughout southern Haiti.

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A few days ago, we signed a covenant and dug the foundation for a new school in Rousseau Village. ... https://www.buildon.org/2010/06/783/

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