We’re Transforming Classrooms with Communities Across the Globe!

One of the clearest ways to see the impact of buildOn’s school construction programs is to compare the ‘before & after’ photos of classrooms in the communities we serve. Before we partner with a community to build a school, its children are often struggling to learn in improvised shelters that are crowded, dark and exposed to extreme weather. But once construction of a buildOn school is complete, students can learn more effectively in spacious, well-lit and weather-proof classrooms buildings. This year, we constructed nearly 150 new schools that have transformed the educational outlook for thousands of children in seven developing countries. Take a look at a few of the classroom transformations we’ve made in 2017:

Kamsandin, Burkina Faso 

Last spring, the children of Kamsandin were doing their best to learn inside a dark and cramped shelter made from mud with a roof patched together from grass and plastic sheeting. Today, after their parents partnered with buildOn to construct a proper school, 125 children are learning in a bright and modern new classroom block. Completed July 14, 2017.

La Source, Haiti

Like too many communities in Haiti, the people of La Source found themselves without a proper school when their already inadequate classroom had its roof destroyed by hurricane winds. Fortunately, the village was able to partner with buildOn to construct a proper school that is better suited to withstand the elements for the village’s 270 students. Completed June 23, 2017

Zumani, Malawi

When we first partnered with the village of Zumani to build two school blocks back in 2009, access to quality education sparked great demand and enrollment spiked. So much so, that some students found themselves having to learn in a temporary classroom that was not much better than learning outdoors. The village refused to accept inadequate education and partnered with us to complete their third classroom block to accommodate the education needs of the village’s 750 students. Completed January 6, 2017.

N’grefiana, Mali

Communities that are desperate for education — like N’grefiana, Mali — get pretty creative about crafting  classrooms, using whatever building materials are available. Unfortunately, these temporary shelters are often cramped, poorly-lit, and lacking protection from the weather.  The classroom this community built with buildOn is clearly a huge improvement for their children. Completed September 5, 2017.

Ratmate, Nepal

The village of Ratmate, Nepal, previously had a proper school building, but it was destroyed during the massive April 2015 Nepal Earthquake. The village had no way to rebuild on their own and children were forced to learn in a school building that offered little protection from Nepal’s monsoon rains. Today, construction is complete on the village’s new school and 275 students are again attending school in proper classrooms. Completed September 17, 2017.

Palto Alto, Nicaragua

Villages like Palo Alto, Nicaragua, will get creative when in need of a place for their children to learn. Prior to buildOn completing a proper classroom, students were crammed into tiny shelters fashioned from tree branches and plastic tarps. Today, the village’s 75 students are learning in brand new classrooms with plenty of space and protection from the weather. Completed April 11, 2017.

Domb, Senegal

The children of Domb, Senegal, were not excited about attending school in their old school — a hot, dark hut made from grass and cloth fabric. Today, they’re overjoyed to be joining the 200,000+ children, parents and grandparents learning in buildOn schools every day! Completed July 12, 2017.

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One of the clearest ways to see the impact of buildOn’s school construction programs is to compare the ‘before... https://www.buildon.org/2017/11/were-transforming-classrooms-with-communities-across-the-globe/

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