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3 Young Professionals Breaking the Cycle With buildOn

This week buildOn celebrated corporations Breaking the Cycle with buildOn. We want to highlight three young professionals who all involved in buildOn for different reasons. What they share in common is they’re building schools in developing countries (Nepal, Haiti and Malawi) next year! buildOn San Francisco Young Professionals: Rebecca Phillips Rebecca made the move to San Francisco from Boston four years ago. She was content working in public relations for Accuray Inc., a Bay Area healthcare company, but she wanted to use her professional skills to do good. “I secretly always wanted to be a teacher,” she explains, so she started looking for volunteer opportunities with children. She discovered buildOn after doing some research,and started using her professional skills to help promote the Bay Area’s annual buildOn Dinner to the media. Fast-forward to last year: buildOn’s San Francisco Young Professionals Board came together in full effect, and it became the group Rebecca envisioned being a part of. “Four years ago, when I joined, not one person in San Francisco knew about buildOn,” Rebecca says. “Now all my friends know about it, and I have this group that reaches all different groups across the city.” Rebecca volunteered with buildOn students twice this summer, and participated in buildOn’s first Global Chapter Conference. Now Rebecca is supporting buildOn in another capacity: she’s raising money to build a school in Nepal with a group of other professionals she hasn’t met. Her goal is to reach $5,000 – and at $4,300, she’s nearly there! Learn more about Rebecca’s campaign.