buildOn Empowers Women Globally

Watch how buildOn’s school building programs are empowering women in the world’s economically poorest countries:

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Verose's Story: Leading Her Village to a Better Future

  • “Education is only going to make my life better. My parents refused to send me to school when I was young because they needed my help with farming, and I missed out on my dream … Now that I am beginning to read and write, I am realizing my potential as a leader and want to ensure that no children in our village have to miss out on their dreams.”

    Verose, Adult Literacy Program Student, La Glace, Haiti
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Being denied education nearly cost one young Nepali woman her life, but through buildOn she has a second chance:

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Meet the women leaders from across the U.S. to who are committed to developing female leaders in the economically impoverished countries where buildOn works:

  • “With education, a woman gains hope and a crucial first step towards freedom. A woman who can think for herself and take care of herself can provide a better life for her children; she can resist oppression; she can enrich her community; and she can inspire others.”

    Olga Hartwell – VP, Senior Tax Counsel, General Electric
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  • “After visiting Malawi with buildOn in 2013, I was personally empowered by the women in the village. (They) worked tirelessly to provide a stable foundation for both their families and the overall community… We know this is a universal motivation by women all around the world.”

    Patricia Hubbard – President, West Coast MKTG INC
    Meet more of these amazing women

  • “I am committed to doing my part to ensure that my 10-year-old daughter, and every other little girl in the world, are educated and empowered so that they too could build their own path in life.”

    Oksana Malysheva – Principal, Linden Education Partners LLC
    Meet more of these amazing women

Watch how buildOn Adult Literacy classes are empowering women in Malawi:

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