Plant Trees Worldwide and Advocate for Environmental Equality

Through an investigation of environmental justice, we will explore its relationship to social justice and take action to promote afforestation and biodiversity in underserved communities. We’re calling you to take action by planting a buildOn tree with our custom tree kits and creating pollinating seed cards.

In neighborhoods around the world, citizens from underserved communities are still experiencing disproportionate levels of environmental degradation.

For example, our South Bronx students often wait for a bus to school or live in an area dubbed  “Asthma Alley.” The nickname alludes to the fact that this neighborhood has some of the worst air pollution levels in the U.S. due to nearby factories and highways, and a lack of green space. Consequently, asthma hospitalizations are five times the national average and at rates 21 times higher than other New York City neighborhoods.

This is just one story of environmental injustice. In all of the areas where buildOn works throughout the world, you will find similar stories of neighborhoods with unusually high air pollution and lack of biodiversity resulting in lower quality of life.

Join buildOn members in our social impact movement and take action on environmental justice issues in our communities and around the world!

Here’s How It Works

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The Digital Toolkit Includes: 

  • An Investigation activity that explores the concepts of environmental justice, environmental racism, and other topics.
  • Recommendations for planting your tree in your community.
  • Instructions on how to make your very own pollinating seed card to promote biodiversity.
  • An activity to reflect on what you’ve learned.
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You Plant. We Plant.

In an effort to make our biggest impact, buildOn is partnering with ForestNation to match your tree! For every tree kit you purchase, buildOn will be planting 10 in our communities abroad. Your purchase will also sponsor a tree kit for a buildOn U.S. student. 

You will also be able to register your tree, track our tree planting progress, and see the impact on CO2 levels we are making together. Register your tree on our ForestNation webpage and we will plant one more tree!

Other Ways to Help

Serve with Your Company

Invite buildOn students to lead your employees through a one-hour digital service project with real-world impact on your community.

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Fund Student Participation

A $45 gift funds service curriculum, online instruction, and supplies for a buildOn student serving in environmental justice projects across the U.S.

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Reflecting on Your Impact!

Because of supporters like you who participated in our Feed Communities, Not Stigma service project, we were able to deliver food to over 400 families in need across the Bronx, Bridgeport, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, and Oakland regions!

Over 400 students, 290 corporate employees, and 100 individuals and their families pulled together to serve in solidarity.

Together we challenged each other to acknowledge and dismantle the stigma associated with being food insecure and provided meal kits that were designed to celebrate the dignity and humanity of those facing food insecurity.