Embrace Gender Equity

Embrace Equity and Imagine What’s Possible

Providing equitable access to education and opportunity is at the heart of buildOn’s work. By empowering women and girls in our U.S. and global programs through education and leadership opportunities, we believe our world will be better equipped to dismantle the issues affecting us all––from systemic racism to the poverty and education crises, and beyond.

Meet the Incredible Members of Our Movement

In U.S. cities and around the world, we’re building strong leaders of every gender and helping to open up opportunities for girls, women, and female-identifying people of all ages.

Help Build Equity for Girls and Women

Uplifting Girls Globally Through Education

buildOn partners with communities across eight countries––Burkina Faso, Guatemala, Haiti, Malawi, Mali, Nepal, Nicaragua, and Senegal––to build schools and provide access to a quality education. Working in countries where women and girls have often been denied an education for generations, buildOn always requires that girls and boys are enrolled in equal numbers, ensuring equal access to opportunity for students like Ndiaya.

Having lost her mother during her birth, Ndiaya understands how important it is for women to receive quality maternal and prenatal health care. Now that buildOn has partnered with her community and built a brand new school, her dream of becoming a doctor when she grows up is more within her reach than ever before.

Help Girls Like Ndiaya

Empowering Girls in the U.S. Through Service

buildOn currently engages nearly 4,000 students in our U.S. Service Learning Programs, a majority of whom are persons of color with more than half identifying as female. By addressing their communities’ greatest concerns––including homelessness, food insecurity, and more––buildOn students learn to lead by first learning how to serve. 

As Oakland High School’s buildOn Co-President, Everlynn is passionate about serving her neighbors and advocating for gender equity. The daughter of a refugee from Vietnam, Everylynn is proud of how far her mom has come despite her lack of opportunity growing up, and is inspired to work hard in school and pursue her dream of becoming a physician. When women are represented in professional leadership roles, Everlynn believes even more young girls will feel empowered to step up and lead.

Engage Students Like Everlynn

Supporting Women Globally Through Literacy and Opportunity

buildOn’s Adult Literacy Program helps participants learn to read, write, and do basic math, and supports them as they begin income-generating initiatives to help them gain financial independence and security. More than 27,000 adults have participated in these programs, and because women have disproportionately been denied an education in the communities we serve, more than 83 percent of the participants identify as female. 

A recent Adult Literacy Program graduate, Joyce is grateful that she can now support herself and help her grandchildren attend school thanks to her small business that was further developed through the program. She now understands whether she’s making a profit or loss, she’s learned more efficient and cost-effective farming techniques, and has improved her family’s nutrition using organically grown crops.

Empower Women Like Joyce

Championing Women in Non-Traditional Roles

Imagine what the world would be like if women were always given equal access to education and professional opportunities. When buildOn partners with global communities to build schools, we require that women serve on the Project Leadership Committees and work side-by-side with men on the construction sites. We also empower women in professional leadership roles throughout the organization. 

When Rolande first joined buildOn as a Field Coordinator, she says it wasn’t easy being the only woman. But after a year and a half, her supervisor recognized her hard work and promoted her to Construction Manager. “It is a great responsibility and sense of pride because I managed to assert my rights and prove my skills,” says Rolande.