R + F Service Toolkit

Thank you for signing up to give back this holiday season by serving with buildOn & the Rodan + Fields Prescription for Change Foundation!

Through an Investigation of Environmental Justice, we will explore its relationship to Social Justice and take action by promoting afforestation and biodiversity in underserved communities!

Use this digital toolkit to complete your #ONEbuildOnProject.


Investigate the root causes of an issue and assess the need to act. Watch this short video to learn more about the concept of Environmental Justice and why it’s important.

More Resources:


Prepare to address the issues you identified through service. In this project, you will be creating sustainable seed paper as well as planting a tree. Once you have received your tree kit and milkweed seeds in the mail collect the supplies outlined here.


Take action by completing the service project. 

Plant a Tree: Follow the instructions in your tree kit to plant your tree locally. Give your tree a name and register it here with our partner Forest Nation. For every tree you register, an additional 10 trees(!) gets planted in a deforested region of the world like Haiti. 

Create pollinating seed cards made out of recycled paper and milkweed seeds. These cards are a beautiful and sustainable way to tell someone you care about them! Using recycled paper these cards are biodegradable and once planted will grow butterfly-friendly milkweed.  

Watch a step-by-step video from buildOn Alum Crystal on how to create your seed card.


Reflect to fully understand the connection between the service project and its impact. Answer these questions for yourself: 

  • Were you aware that Environmental Injustice is so prevalent in the United States? Why or why not?
  • If you were a policymaker, which interventions to address Environmental Injustices would you prioritize and address?
  • What is one action you are going to commit to that supports environmental justice and sustainability?


Demonstrate what you have learned with your friends, family, and community and challenge them to take action.

  • Post a photo of your tree and seed paper on social media and #ONEbuildOn #environmentaljustice and tell people why this is important to you.
  • Write your local and national legislators about these issues and learn more about the way our federal government is addressing environmental justice.
  • Learn more about environmental justice. When you further your own education, you can help others begin to understand the importance of environmental justice. Here are NY Magazine’s recommendations for 2021’s 13 best books on Environmental Justice.
  • Volunteer locally: Sign up for cleanups and more in your community or state.