You Answered the Call to Mask the World!

This summer we put out an urgent call — life-saving face masks were needed in buildOn communities across the globe — and members of the buildOn movement answered the call, making and distributing more than 85,000 face masks!

A Global Movement to Keep Communities Safe

From high school students in the South Bronx to farmers in Senegal to volunteers across the U.S., members of the buildOn movement stepped up to make and distribute masks for the most vulnerable members of our communities.

buildOn Students Shared Masks and Compassion in U.S. Cities

buildOn students like Mario from Oakland saw a lack of access to masks in their neighborhoods and took action. “Not everyone has access to a mask,” Mario says. “Masks are needed for a lot of things now, like shopping, staying safe, and preventing the spread of viruses. I’m distributing buildOn masks to my family and people experiencing homelessness.”



Building Schools and Making Masks in Rural Communities

As we continued building schools in developing countries, it was clear masks were needed in rural villages — and your support empowered local volunteers to make 42,836. “I am overwhelmed to know that you really care about our people in the rural areas since it can seem like no one else does,” says Valeria Mendieta a local official from Nicaragua.



Our Corporate Partners Stepped Up to Serve with Our Students

“What better way to give back at Salesforce than in partnership with buildOn (students),” says Amy Hurlbut, Sr. VP of Software Engineering, who served in an online mask-making event with her co-workers, led by buildOn students. Together, they made and funded more than 11,000 masks, with thousands more provided by five other buildOn corporate partners.



Get Ready for Our Next Service Project!

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