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When you support buildOn, you’re empowering people around the world like these to learn, to build, and to lift themselves out of poverty through service and education. You’re partnering with parents building schools, children and adults determined to seize life-changing education, and young people dedicated to making our communities stronger.

Khema from Nepal

“After school I want to become a lawyer. There is so much injustice and I want to fight for people’s justice.”

Today, 11-year-old Khema is learning and thriving in the fifth grade, but not long ago a education seemed impossible for Khema and the other children of Dakshin Bhakari, Nepal. With only a dilapidated building to serve as their classroom, many parents in the community kept their children at home to help support their struggling families. Since the village came together to construct a buildOn school, much has changed, and today children like Khema are learning the skills they’ll need to break the cycles of poverty and illiteracy in rural Nepal. “Now all my friends come to school regularly because we are able to study in a child-friendly environment,” Khema says. “I’m grateful for this school.”

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Amidou from Burkina Faso

“Our new school is going to relieve us of many problems. We know the school is ours because it was our sweat that was used to build it.”

As Amidou Napon’s children grew to school age, he faced the same dilemma as other parents in the village of Worou, Burkina Faso. He dreamed of his children would achieve a better life through education, but the village lacked a suitable school for students to learn. When the village partnered with buildOn to begin construction of a new primary school, the community’s outlook began to change. buildOn empowered parents like Amidou to organize and lead the project and contribute volunteer service to help construct a building 152 children now attend. “Allowing the community to lead was something I really welcome and support,” Amidou says. “I think the best way to make something your own is to contribute to it.”

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Falesi from Malawi

“Because of buildOn’s Adult Literacy Program, I can now easily read and write and am able to sell my farm produce at the market.”

Like many women in Malawi, Falesi Phiri had no choice as a child but help her family survive and was denied an education as result. Unable to read, write or do basic math, Falesi faced a cycle of poverty and a life of challenge as she became a mother of five. She struggled to get around outside her village, sell her goods at the market, or fill out forms at the health clinic. Fortunately, Falesi’s village partnered with buildOn to construct a school, and soon after Falesi and other parents had the chance through buildOn’s Adult Literacy Program to learn to read, write and do basic math. Today, Falesi is able to travel to the market and sell her farm produce and she partnering with other adult in Katchereza to invest in their community by starting a savings and loan and purchasing school uniforms for the children.

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Daniel from the Bronx

“Making change only happens when we all work together. I would encourage anyone to think about what you can do next and how you can serve your community.”

Daniel was recently awarded buildOn’s Constructive Leadership Award at the 2021 buildOn Gala for his commitment to leading through service. With more than 650 hours of service in his own local community and in Guatemala, where he helped build a school in 2019, Daniel has become an advocate for under-served people. “One of my favorite service projects is Meals on Heels, a project where I get to deliver food to seniors with disabilities and put a smile on their face,” Daniel says. “It’s such important work because many of these people can’t go outside, or get food for themselves.” Daniel is putting leadership skills gained in buildOn to good use, recruiting other young people to serve, and hopes to become a defense attorney after college to continue to help people in need and advocate for change.

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