Trek Abroad: 10 host family gifts

haitian family verticalAfter living with a host family while on Trek, you may want to leave them a gift as a token of your gratitude and as a symbol of the time you spent together.

Some of the best gifts are simple ones that allow you to share an experience with your host family. A game you brought to play with the family—Jenga, a soccer ball, a deck of cards—will help you make memories together despite the language barrier. Some other suggested gifts are below:

  • A photo of you and your family
  • A picture book from the US
  • Simple games (Jenga, a soccer ball, a card game)
  • Pencils, notebooks, pens, or paper for school
  • Coloring books, crayons, colored pencils
  • A small thermos or a water bottle
  • Hair accessories (elastics, barrettes)
  • An apron, pot holders, or dish cloths
  • Work gloves or boots (if relatively clean and useable)
  • Hat (if clean)

Keep your gift simple and not extravagant. Remember that you are working to empower communities to develop a greater sense of self-reliance, and that your focus on the school you’re helping to build is the greatest gift you can give!