buildOn students in Oakland help their unhoused neighbors.

10 Summer Community Service Ideas

School might be winding down, but the issues facing our communities don’t take a summer break! Give back to your community and make a difference this summer with these impactful volunteer community service opportunities:

1. Help Local Nonprofits Like buildOn:

Volunteer your time or money to local organizations. If you live in Boston, Bridgeport, New York, Detroit, Chicago, or Oakland, you can make a tax-deductible donation to buildOn and ignite change in your backyard!

2. Fight Hunger:

Volunteer at a local food bank or soup kitchen to help distribute food to the unhoused.

3. Empower Youth:

Mentor or tutor younger students, helping them reach their full potential.

4. Protect Animals:

Volunteer at an animal shelter, caring for abandoned or neglected animals.

5. Clean Up the Environment:

Organize a park cleanup or participate in a community garden project.

6. Support Seniors:

Volunteer at nursing homes or assisted living facilities to provide companionship and brighten someone’s day.

7. Give out Water:

Help your neighbors in need stay hydrated in high temperatures by giving out bottles of water when the weather gets hot.

8. Share Your Skills:

Offer pro bono services in your area of expertise, like IT assistance or graphic design.

9. Organize a Community Event:

Plan a block party, fundraiser, or volunteer activity to bring people together.

10. Donate Clothes:

Donate clothes to a local organization to help make sure your neighbors in need have appropriate clothing for the warm weather.
buildOn Students In Detroit work at a community garden in the summer