A Movement for All Ages – Agapita Gutiérrez’s Story

Age hasn’t slowed down Agapita Gutiérrez. The 76-year-old from Wasaka Arriba, Nicaragua, was one of the most enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers during her community’s partnership with buildOn.

Agapita washing the recently laid bricks of the new school in Wasaka Arriba.

With her wisdom, energy, and commitment, Agapita served as a role model for the younger men and women who were also volunteering to help construct the school in their community. When asked what advice she has for the younger generation that will benefit from this school, she says, “Work. Help voluntarily in every project that comes to develop your community.”

Agapita certainly lives by her own advice. Although she has no children of school age – only grandchildren – she worked tirelessly on the construction site and told buildOn that she felt sad whenever she couldn’t come to work. 

Men and women from the community working on the construction of the new school.

“I asked the Lord to give me strength and health to work on this school because I wanted to see the parents of my community happy. I’m so happy with God and with buildOn who partnered with us to build this school. I’m happy for the parents and the children that are going to study here.” 

Agapita Gutiérrez

Because of her commitment and the hard work of the community, the students of Wasaka Arriba no longer struggle to learn in dilapidated wooden classrooms with rotten foundations and leaky ceilings. Students of her community now have new classrooms and improved learning conditions. 

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