Beneath the Rubble

Bwina Olguin is 11 years old and was in her house in Port Au Prince with her 21 year old sister when the walls began to tremble.  Seconds later, the ceiling collapsed and both were trapped under thousands of pounds of rubble.

Bwina could barely breathe let alone yell out for her sister, and from beneath the rubble she couldn’t see a thing.  All Bwina thought about was her sister and her family.  Did they survive?  Are they alive?  Anxiety raced around in Bwina’s mind when everything slowly faded to black.  Bwina fainted.

Two hours later she was pulled from the rubble.  Unconscious.  When Bwina came too she was reunited with her sister and soon discovered that her family was safe.  Although she never met her rescuers or had a chance to thank them, she will never forget their heroic kindness.  Nor will thousands of others forget the strangers who saved their lives that day.

Bwina now lives in Ravin Sab Village and is in the 5th grade.  Her favorite subject is French and one day, she hopes to be a doctor.

Bwina attends a buildOn school.

Bwina Olguin in now attends a buildOn school in Ravine Sab Village