Building a Better Future: buildOn's 2022 Global Impact Report

Breaking Ground in 2022

Last year was a landmark year for buildOn, filled with many achievements around the globe. From breaking ground on a new school every 36 hours, to the return of our most essential buildOn experience–Trek. After months of analysis, and careful review, we’ve wrapped up some of our biggest milestones to date in our annual 2022 Global Impact Report!

School Construction:

  • In 2022, we broke ground on 239 new schools across eight partner countries, with 73,518 students attending classes daily, 51% of whom are female.
  • As part of our Enroll Program, we enrolled 21,707 previously out-of-school children back in the classroom.
  • A total of 1,428 students attended buildOn’s two secondary schools in Mali and Malawi, with 155 students graduating from both schools in 2022.

Adult Literacy Program:

  • Last year marked the launch of our first-ever Adult Literacy Classes in Burkina Faso, with 300 participants, including 261 women.
  • The program gives women and men in rural communities the opportunity to gain crucial skills in literacy and numeracy, all taught through the lens of agriculture, health, and enterprise.
  • The Adult Literacy Program continues to thrive and expand with 135 programs currently active, bringing education to those who have previously been denied a seat in the classroom.

Trek Program:

  • In 2022, buildOn reopened its Trek program, allowing participants to contribute to the building of 37 schools in 37 partner communities.
  • Thirteen buildOn alumni from across the US built a school in Keur Mamadou Ndao, Senegal as part of our first-ever Alumni Trek.
  • Looking forward to this year, we’re planning to nearly double the number of Treks run and go deeper into impact areas.

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