Bay Area buildOn Alum Spotlight

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Beso Khidesheli had only lived in the U.S. for one year before finding buildOn. When he first heard about the program he joined because he wanted to help his new community, but also because he wanted to build a school in Africa.

“I could not believe that with buildOn I could travel to Africa and that it wouldn’t cost may family anything,” said Beso. “Back in Georgia – my home nation – no one even hears of such an amazing possibility.”

Beso traveled to Kongolikoro, Mali to help construct a school and embraced each opportunity to immerse himself in the village culture. Seeing life through his host family’s eyes helped him overcome his insecurities and made him grateful for every moment.

“The trip to Kongolikoro helped me see how blessed I am to be alive,” Beso explained. “The Malians were so happy and fulfilled, even though they were very poor according to American standards. I had never seen people so happy in my life.”

Beso went on to become the Vice President of his buildOn program and attended UC Santa Barbara after graduation. He says buildOn gave him the courage to pursue new experiences, including spending a year studying abroad in Spain. Beso recently graduated from college and is pursuing career in the Bay Area non-profit community.

“I would like to continue to serve people since it is the most fulfilling thing anyone can do,” Said Beso. “I want to thank buildOn for having such an impact on shaping my personality. I am happy to be on the path that I am, and I hope to exceed everyone’s expectations.”

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