buildOn Celebrates Mother’s Day

At buildOn our mothers are our heroes. In celebration of Mother’s Day students and staff tout their mothers (and wives) for inspiring, empowering and mentoring them every day! Here are a few women we’re happy to say we know and love.

barbara crespoMy mother Ana is the sweetest and most humble woman I have ever met. She is a hard-working individual and she inspires me to be the same way. She is a great mother, wife, and friend. My mother is an example for other women who have struggled but who have never given up. I love you mom and thank you for everything you have done for our family and me. Eres la mejor mama del mundo que Dios te bendiga te mereces el mundo.”
– Barbara Crespo, sophomore at Bates College buildOn alumna and former buildOn New York intern

dianaI consider my mom to be the strongest and most hardworking woman that I know in my life. I am fortunate to be able to have her in my life because she is a great motivation and keeps me going when things get rough. She has motivated me because, since she was little, she faced many struggles while living in her homeland of Mexico and after migrating to the United States. From all the misery that she’s encountered, somehow she finds a way to work hard so my brother and I can have food and shelter. Her only mindset is for her children to be able have a better life. As a single and young mother, she has inspired me to complete my goals, and has given me a sense of pride that I have such an amazing mother. My mother is also my best friend. She tells me her issues and I tell her mine, so in that way keep our bind tight and help each other to cope with problems.”
– Diana Valente, junior at Gage Park High School, Chicago

KayanaMy mother is my courage, inspiration, and hero. My mother’s endless compassion for others has inspired me to pursue the field of social services. My mother has taught me the importance of being health-conscience and spiritually balanced by always seeking out knowledge to better improve herself and family. She’s taught me the meaning of family when she decided to quit her job and move from Michigan back to Mississippi to care for my grandmother, who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Always putting her family’s needs before her own; my mother, my hero, my inspiration my courage, my MOM.
– Kayana Sessoms, buildOn Youth Engagement Zone Coordinator, Detroit

Mikaela momMy mom is a hero because of how hard she has worked her whole life to get to where she is today.
My mom is a hero because I would not be the person I am today without the loving attitude and influence she has.
My mom is a hero because she is such a positive person.
My mom is a hero because she has influenced and positively touched so many people’s lives.
My mom is a hero because she always knows what to say.
My mom is a hero because her name says so:
D – dedicated
E – enthusiastic
B – benevolent
R – resourceful
A – accepting
My mom is a hero because she is my mom and I wouldn’t have it any other way. If you are reading this mom, happy mothers day and happy birthday! I Love you to the moon and back.”
– Mikaela Elyse, junior and buildOn chapter member at Albany High School

Caryn momMy mom is a hero because she often puts others’ needs before her own. She is a great listener and a thoughtful, caring person who takes a genuine interest in others’ lives, always trying to find creative ways to make them feel special and loved. From the kids that she mentors as a Kids Hope USA Director to the many baby birds, turtles and countless other lost or hurt creatures she’s rescued, my mom is truly a compassionate woman. Serving others has always been a natural part of my life and I have my parents to thank for that. My mom also loves me unconditionally and has always supported my dreams, even if they have led me far from home… except for that one mountain biking trip down the “world’s most dangerous road,” which she’s still not happy about. Eeek. Sorry Mom! Happy Mother’s Day, I love you!
– Caryn Blandt, buildOn Program & Trek Coordinator, Detroit

Brian babyI give a huge shout out to my wife Stephanie Socall on this Mother’s Day. She helped make this little guy: Ellis Jude Socall. You are an amazing mom!
– Brian Socall, buildOn Program Manager, Chicago