buildOn Runs the New York Marathon With Help From PhilanthroFit

By Brittany Ritell

Six runners on the buildOn running team will be lacing up their sneakers to run the 42nd ING New York Marathon on November 4. These runners are each raising $5,000 to support buildOn’s international programs. They will run the 26.2 miles through New York’s five boroughs, but they are not doing it alone. Couch Doug Sklar of PhilanthroFit is working with these dedicated runners to get them into peak condition for race day.

Combining a love of fitness with a passion for philanthropy, Sklar started PhilanthroFit, a personal training service that donates a portion of its proceeds to charities. Sklar has been coaching and training runners of all levels since 1997, and marathoners since 2009. He started out working with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s team but has now expanded to partner with five different charities; buildon is his most recent charity partner. In addition to donating a percentage of his profit to our movement, Sklar will help our runners with strength training, pre- and post-run nutrition, and injury prevention.

“I’ve met so many nice people who are out there supporting a great cause and I’ve supervised a lot of community service work with my students and seen them give up their time to do charitable things,” Sklar said. “Philanthropy is pretty cool; it’s nice seeing the look on people’s faces when you help them out. It’s kind of a rewarding thing.” As buildOn begins to participate in more marathons across the country, partnerships like this will help us develop a better marathon experience for our runners.

This year’s runners are Liya Magdeeva, a member of the buildOn New York City Chapter; Robb Tennant, who became involved through a New York City Chapter event; Christopher Carey; Ryan Carlston; Ed Copleston and Lisa Schneider. buildOn is incredibly excited to have these six people running for charity!

Contact Sklar by emailing him at or visit his website.

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