buildOn Students Serve as National Youth HIV and AIDS Awareness Day Advocates

In recognition of National Youth HIV and AIDS Awareness Day, April 10th, buildOn students are raising their voices to educate, advocate and prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS. In partnership with the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, buildOn youth have created educational and inspiring ’30 Days of HIV Awareness’  campaigns in their schools and communities to speak up on behalf of the millions of people worldwide affected by HIV and AIDS. Check out just a few of their campaigns from buildOn programs across the country. 


buildOn students from Benito Juarez High School in Chicago created PSA videos about how HIV and AIDS impact youth. They included a call to action encouraging their classmates to get tested:



In the Bay Area, students at the June Jordan School for Equity educated their school on the ‘true and false’ of HIV/AIDS and created a photo booth where their classmates could share photos with facts about the virus.



In Chicago’s West Gardfield Park community, students from Orr High School took to the streets, flyering their neighborhood with posters they created with HIV facts and a message to ‘Get Tested Now.’ buildOn Program Manager Hannah Sherrard said, “After putting up a flyer in this man’s restaurant, he came out after us to ask for more to set around the counter for customers!”



buildOn students at Western High School in Detroit set up an HIV/AIDS info table at their school, urging their classmates to ‘Know Your Status’ and ‘Pledge to Get Tested.’



Boston buildOn youth created informational posters and crafted t-shirts encouraging their peers to ‘get tested and know your status.’



At the Bronx School for Law, Government and Justice, buildOn students created a variety of ways to educate their school community about HIV and AIDS – from PSA videos to banners they displayed in the hallways.

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At Validus Preparatory Academy in the Bronx, students  spread awareness by creating a detachable ribbon poster urging their classmates to “Take One, Spread Awareness.” This simple idea helped spark a conversation about HIV/AIDS in their school.

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