buildOn Students Visit Lidia Pucinska Senior Apartments

Senior outreach has always been an important part of buildOn’s youth service program — when teens interact with the elderly, both groups are often meaningfully pushed outside of the discomfort that generation gaps can create. Our students have told us they value the opportunity to engage with seniors in an unfamiliarly intimate context: They listen to stories, ask questions, and play games. And as for the seniors themselves…check out these photos from our recent service trip to Lidia Pucinska Senior Apartments in Chicago, along with a reaction from a resident!

I’m sure you students have noticed a lot of differences between us older folks and yourselves. But really, we have a lot in common.

You’ll be old like us someday, and I want you to know that we are blessed to have you here. Just remember there are lots of lonely people out there with no one to visit them, imagine that- no one!

Coming here and helping out, you brightened our day!

Thank you for coming. I love you and I thank God for you.