eBay User Adam Barnum Supports buildOn

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We spoke to Adam Barnum, eBay user adamcaddesign, who recently listed a great many items on buildOn’s eBay Giving Works page. If you’re looking for any rock concert memorabilia from the 2000s, check out Adam’s listings!

buildOn: How did your eBay store start?

Adam: So, I’ve been a stagehand for over 13 years doing various gigs and shows mainly in Las Vegas, where I live. I’ve acquired, bought, and traded a number of crew shirts from many concerts that I’ve worked and that friends have worked. These things are sometimes handed out to the crew as a token of their hard work and can be very rare items at times. There is a lot of blood and sweat that goes in to these concerts and shows so sometimes a t-shirt is a really cool way of showing the crew that the production and talent appreciates them.

The way I started my store was–I was operating a lighting board in Vegas for an eBay sellers meeting and after sitting through some of the amazing stories I decided to find my niche and start my own. After selling a couple of random items I decided to offload my collection of concert shirts and memorabilia.

[pullquote]I thank buildOn for what they do and eBay for making it easy to donate to a good cause.[/pullquote]

buildOn: What made you interested in buildOn’s eBay Giving Works page?

Adam: While posting items on eBay I noticed that I could donate a percentage to a charity of my liking and felt that it would be a good way for me to give back a little. After researching many charities and non-profit organizations I came across buildOn. I think buildOn is a great organization: Instead of just supplying food, clothing, shelter, etc. buildOn builds schools around the world. I believe education is the key to stopping world poverty and hunger. I thank buildOn for what they do and eBay for making it easy to donate to a good cause. These are two great entities in today’s times.