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Khema (pictured right) in her new buildOn classroom.

Eleven-year-old Khema Gandharba lives in the rural community of Dakshin Bhakari, located in the Bardiya Region of Western Nepal. Like many families in her community, Khema’s parents struggle to provide for their three children. Khema’s father works in India, but he is often sick and it is difficult for him to earn enough money, so her mother works as a daily wage worker to help cover expenses. The children also chip in, and Khema often helps her mother with cooking, washing dishes and clothes, and cleaning the house compound.  

Khema’s parents believe that it is important for her and her siblings to receive an education; however, due to their difficult financial circumstances, they are unable to afford even the small cost of her pencils and notebooks. For many children in Khema’s situation, these expenses, coupled with poor learning conditions at their schools, are enough to keep them out of the classroom altogether. In fact, the old school in Dakshin Bhakari was so rundown that many parents felt that it was unsafe to even let their children attend.

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For Khema, two important gifts changed the trajectory of her education. First, her maternal uncle offered to assist her and her siblings with the cost of their school supplies, eliminating this financial obstacle to her education. Second, the community of Dakshin Bhakari partnered with buildOn to construct a brand new school in their village.

After school I want to become a lawyer. There is so much injustice and I want to fight for people’s justice – Khema Gandharba

Khema’s new buildOn school block is earthquake-resistant and its three classrooms are spacious. Having proper desks and windows that allow for adequate light has made it easier for her to study in the classroom and Khema finds her new school and teachers very exciting. “Now all my friends come to school regularly because we are able to study in a child-friendly environment. We want to thank everyone who has helped us to build our school.”

Khema practices writing in Nepali on the new white board in her school

Khema enjoys singing and her favorite subject in school is Nepali. She is a hardworking student and currently first in her fifth-grade class. “After school I want to become a lawyer,” says Khema. “There is so much injustice and I want to fight for people’s justice.”

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