Hardwork and leadership on the worksite

After thousands of swings of the pickax, we are nearly done digging the foundation and footings for the pillars of the school. The American students have had a real taste of hard work in the hot Nicaraguan sun, and so has Dan Kraiza, a buildOn teaching advisor who has traveled with our team. What exactly is a buildOn teaching advisor? Teaching advisors work with our specialists every week to lead and support buildOn after-school programs in high schools across the United States. They are mostly volunteers and their work is heroic!

Dan is an exceptional advisor whose initiative and hard work brought buildOn to the high school where he teaches in Detroit. He was a Peace Corps volunteer in Senegal and is now very passionate about buildOn. Once in Nicaragua, I found out from our team leader that Dan cancelled his family vacation to Disney so he could travel with his students to build this school. His selfless leadership is truly an inspiration!

In this video, you will hear from Dan and a couple of the students.