buildOn from Haiti

First and foremost our hearts and prayers are with those in Haiti who have suffered great losses and we hope that Haiti will be able to recover and build anew.

Since 6pm on Tuesday, shortly after the earthquake hit, I have been in communication with our buildOn team in Haiti led by Skyler Badenoch, Manager of International Programs. Skyler was able to communicate with me quickly that he and our buildOn staff were safe in our impact area of Les Cayes and that generally Les Cayes received very little damage. We have also been able to confirm that six of the buildOn schools received no damage or nor were any people in these villages injured due to the earthquake. We are working to contact the remaining schools.

The buildOn staff in Haiti is currently assisting other NGO’s that specialize in crisis and humanitarian aid in order to get medical supplies and food to those in Port au Prince. As the weeks and months progress and the crisis aide turns to rebuilding, buildOn is ready to take the lead in building schools for Haitians who do not have safe and adequate places to learn. Thank you and please keep Haiti in your thoughts.