HOBO Draft

“A lot of kids here are facing poverty, a lack of encouragement, and a lack of resources. Living in this zip code is just crazy, but buildOn helped me look outside of these circumstances. I started liking the feeling you get when you help people and the joy you see on their faces. I just keep coming back. I’m proud of (my service with buildOn) but I still have way more work to do.”
– Timberlery Williams, Junior at Osborn College Preparatory Academy


“With buildOn, you have somebody behind your back. I’m just a student and I know that I can do a lot, but I need confidence. And because of (buildOn), students like me can be sure to have support and someone to work together with. buildOn taught me that not everyone is lucky in life, but just because you’re not lucky or having a hard time doesn’t mean you’re not happy.”
– Ivan Villegas, Junior at Richards Career Academy