Investing in the Future: Donating Stock to buildOn

Want to make a gift that will grow as the market rises? An impact that will also lower your tax burden? We accept stock donations! Here’s a few helpful FAQs about donating stock to buildOn:

What are stocks?

Stocks represent fractional ownership in a company. When you buy a stock, you’re essentially buying a tiny piece of that company. By buying stock, you become a shareholder. The value of a stock fluctuates based on the company’s performance and overall market conditions. If the company does well, the stock price typically goes up. Conversely, if the company or market as a whole struggles, the stock price might go down.

Why should I donate stock to buildOn?

Donating appreciated stock (stock that has increased in value since you purchased it) to a qualified nonprofit like buildOn allows you to deduct the full fair market value of the stock on your taxes and avoid capital gains tax. This can significantly reduce your tax burden all while helping to end the global cycle of poverty and illiteracy. Donating appreciated stock allows you to give a more substantial gift to buildOn than you might with cash, maximizing your impact for years to come. We’ve partnered with The Giving Block for secure and streamlined stock donations, so the process is quick and easy.

Ready to donate stock to buildOn?

Get started or learn more about other ways to give to buildOn on our website. If you have additional questions, please reach out to Aled Hollingworth, our Vice President of Development, at