Make a Lasting Impact with Planned Giving

Want to make an impact that will last? A gift that will help generations to come? Consider making a planned gift to fund our mission! Here’s a few helpful FAQs about making a planned gift to buildOn:

What is planned giving?

Planned giving, also sometimes called legacy giving or gift planning, is a way for individuals to donate to nonprofit organizations like buildOn in a strategic and thoughtful manner, often as part of their overall financial and estate planning. Planned gifts are typically designated to be received by the nonprofit at a future date, such as after the donor’s passing or upon the sale of an asset. Planned giving encompasses a range of methods for donating, including bequests in wills, charitable trusts, gifts of appreciated stock, and life insurance policies.

Why should I make a planned gift to buildOn?

Planned giving has a variety of advantages. Planned giving strategies can offer significant tax advantages for donors, such as reducing estate taxes or providing income tax deductions. It also allows individuals to make a larger impact by donating more than they might be able to afford with a current cash gift. Planned gifts can be a way to leave a lasting legacy and ensure your values and philanthropic goals are reflected even after you’re gone.

What kinds of planned gifts can I make to buildOn?

We accept a variety of planned gifts, including a gift in your will, no-cash assets like stocks or real estate, beneficiary designations (retirement accounts, life insurance policies, and/or annuities), and qualified charitable distributions through your IRA.

Ready to make a legacy gift to buildOn?

Get started or learn more about other ways to give to buildOn here on our website. If you have additional questions, please reach out to Aled Hollingworth, our Vice President of Development, at