Meet the buildOn Global Leadership Council

Here at buildOn we are fortunate to have a powerful movement of citizens working together to help us break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and low expectations through service and education.

But now, as we prepare to celebrate our 25th Anniversary, some of our most dedicated supporters are coming together to position buildOn for our next 25 years. Under the leadership of longtime champion John Myers, buildOn’s prestigious Global Leadership Council is tasked with raising the profile of the organization and expanding our network of committed stakeholders.

From the earliest days of buildOn, John Myers has helped lead buildOn’s efforts to expand our mission and to reach even more communities in need. In the year 2000, As CEO of GE Asset Management, he raised $1.3 million to establish buildOn’s endowment, securing buildOn’s sustainability for the future. This effort ignited a 15-year period of growth for the organization taking our annual operating budget from $1 million to nearly $20 million since that time.

Fueled by his commitment to empowering students through service, especially in the South Bronx, we know that John is the right person to lead this essential and accomplished team of leaders which includes:


We are extremely grateful for the commitment and vision that each of these individuals and look forward to sharing the success of their efforts.