Service Round-up: Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend

In San Francisco and Oakland, students dismantled recycled computers. Others worked at Land’s End Park, gardening and landscaping. Students also put on a “fun day” for refugee youth at a local shelter. Still others joined the 14th annual MLK celebration in the East Bay and contributed to an “I Have A Dream…” mural!

In Chicago, students made a mosaic portrait of Dr. King out of dominoes. They also made “origami cranes for peace”. Still others beautified a YMCA on Chicago’s west side – where MLK once lived – with the help of Mayor Rahm Emanuel!

In Detroit, students joined thousands in celebration at Union Station before volunteering with seniors in honor of Dr. King’s memory. Others participated in a “poverty simulation” to raise awareness for those living below the poverty line!

In Philadelphia, students volunteered at Jane Addams Shelter and celebrated Dr. King’s memory with kids in need!

In New York, our interns from the Bronx spent the day at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Other helped beautify other neighborhoods in Brooklyn and the Bronx to honor Dr. King’s memory.

What did YOU do?