Nepal and Burkina Faso Updates

Despite the current political violence in Nepal and Burkina Faso, buildOn’s commitment to serving in these economically impoverished countries remains as strong as ever. Today’s conflicts reinforce the vital need to work for education for all people everywhere, as education has proven to be a stabilizing and empowering force that builds civic engagement and fosters peace and cooperation across political and ethnic divides.

We are closely monitoring the complex and rapidly changing situations in Nepal and Burkina Faso and would like to share some timely updates with you:

Nepal Update (9/22/2015)

buildOn has constructed 141 schools in Nepal, building primarily with the ‘untouchable’ Dalits and ethnic Tharu people of the far western region. This area was relatively unaffected by April’s devastating earthquake, but has been the scene of violent conflicts that have resulted in at least 40 deaths as Tharu protesters clash with authorities over what they feel is unfair treatment in drafting of the country’s new constitution. buildOn volunteer trips have been temporarily suspended, but school building and education programs continue despite strikes and curfews. Read more on the situation in Nepal and buildOn’s work in the country.

Burkina Update (9/22/2015)

Since 2014, buildOn has constructed 16 schools in this West African nation with some of the world’s highest poverty and illiteracy rates. Last week a coup led to the ouster of the interim national leadership and sparked violent protests and clashes with authorities that have taken ten lives and injured 100 more. buildOn volunteer trips have been suspended, but school construction in the rural areas of the country is continuing on a day-by-day basis. Read more about the situation in Burkina Faso and buildOn’s work in the country.


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