On my way to Haiti

Today I am headed down to Haiti to immerse myself in our work and gain a first hand understanding of the devastation and long-term impact that the quake has had on the people of Haiti. From the airport, I plan to head straight to the epicenter in Port Au Prince where we helped set up a medical clinic and refugee camp in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake. I’m bringing a tent and plan to spend the first part of the trip living and working in the camp where 8,000 people now reside.

From there we’ll follow the path of migration that thousands of other refugees took to the province of Les Cayes where we have been building schools for many years. We plan to work on the construction of several new buildOn schools that are among the first to be built anywhere in Haiti since the earthquake. We’ll also join hundreds of parents in the village of Rosseau in signing a covenant and breaking ground on yet another school.

Most of these photos were taken immediately after the earthquake. We’re taking several cameras, including an HD video camera, and plan to show you what’s been going on since.

The next post will be from Haiti!
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