Our First Raising Malawi School opens!

This week 142 students walked into a brand new buildOn school, constructed in partnership with Madonna’s charity, Raising Malawi. The Kabila school was inaugurated on May 23, 2012 in the community of Kankhumbwa, Malawi, and brings not only access to education, but hope.

“The school will bring one heart and soul to the entire village,” said Felicia, a grandmother and community member of Kankhumbwa.  “All will be dedicated to education.  I was so happy the day we signed the covenant. I wished I was young again so I could attend that school, but I know any day I can die.  I want to die in peace knowing that my grandson and granddaughters will have education and a better future.”

The school is the first of 10 built in partnership with Raising Malawi.  The second and third schools are on track to be complete by mid-June. Next week we’ll feature a special story about breaking ground on the Vigando school in Jembe. Read more about our partnership with Raising Malawi and Madonna’s commitment to build 10 schools in the neediest villages in Malawi.