Our Weapon: A Haitian Poem About Education

In the small Haitian community of Paul, where community members are building their first permanent school structure, I met an incredibly inspiring 19-year-old man, Benjude Premier. He and I sifted sand to be mixed with cement and water for the skilled labor team to plaster the walls; an exciting part of the school-construction process. The rough structure starts to look more polished and the community members get a glimpse of what will be the most beautiful building for miles. To my surprise, Benjude spoke some English. He was incredibly eager to practice. He told me he had to walk long distances to school, but was very happy that the younger children in the community would not have to make that same long trek. I also learned that Benjude is a poet and uses a pen name, Carbon Steele. His poem about education, and is translated from Haitian Creole to English below.

Our Weapon by Benjude “Carbon Steele” Premier I want to talk about an important weapon, In every nation, It is a cornerstone I mean education! Let me make a reflection About it! When I was a child My mother sent me to school In Mrs. Kasayol’s school. She taught me how to write and read Creole. I became useful in my neighborhood I am allowed to sit in every table Education plays a big role. When I become an adult I think better than before I become another person. Because of education I can cross any border I can break any gate. Now I am in the middle of a pile of shade tree leaves I am writing without complaining I am saying, “Viva Education” In every nation!