Ron’s host family

I have been fortunate to have already formed a deep bond with the American students here in Nicaragua. I have especially connected with one of our students, Ron, who has opened up about his struggles back in Detroit. He lives in a trailer park with his mother, sister and step father. Both parents are unemployed and having trouble finding work. Ron isn’t sure if they’ll still be living in the trailer when we return. He’s concerned that they may be evicted.

Yet, Ron participates in buildOn every week and helps others who he believes are facing even more extreme challenges. And here in Nicaragua he has really stepped up to help build this school.

I’m not surprised that Ron has developed a strong relationship with his host family in La Soledad. But the depth of their bond is rare and more profound than any other. In this short video he will introduce you to his Nicaraguan family and give you a tour of his home on a mountain top.