Service Learning in the Bronx:Student Honors MLK Day with Poem

Rahni Davis is a student at Banana Kelly in the Bronx, where buildOn is transforming classrooms with service learning programs. Davis tutors elementary-aged children with buildOn at The Point, and is very excited to be traveling this spring to help us construct a school in Malawi! Below, she performs a poem written on Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday to preserve Dr. King’s memory and remind us of the work that still needs to be done.

The year: 1963.
YA KNOW.. REVERENDS ? THE MINISTER. Someone who is authorized by god to speak into or to reach out to others.
And Yes, all he wanted was racial equality.
And for his four children to see the daylight of his people’s sanity.
Because god didn’t make me black and you white so you could act inhumane to me.
Just so we could all praise his name together.
In any weather, for any reason, just to say – I thank you god, you are worthy.
And here we are today, standing in front of gods worthy eyes.
Making the worst impression, the most lies, the greatest iniquity.
Massive stupidity, towards the all high kingdom.
He sits there quietly, grasping how his people could be so disappointing, but finally digests it with a nod.
But back to Martin, yes. He fought.
Long, hard years. Walking… up and down roads and sidewalks into and out of schools.
How could we be such fools?
Not to comprehend such an intellect reason of why me and you are no different.
Sad to say Martins dream never came true.
I mourn inside to think that we had so much power, but this is still going on.
Dr. King had the power, ability, capacity, nevertheless.. a dream.
So can we make this dream come to reality?
The days are dwindling, the nights are darker than ever……..

but I have faith.
And on this day, I say I have a dream to make someone else’s dream come true.

– by Banana Kelly Freshman Rahni Davis