The Global Education Crisis

As disparities in global learning opportunities worsen, millions of children around the world are denied access to quality education – and the subsequent opportunities necessary to break the cycle of illiteracy and poverty. buildOn is committed to changing this. That’s why we partner with rural communities in developing countries, empowering local residents to build schools, enroll out-of-school children, and educate adult learners. We are breaking ground on a new school every two days in eight developing countries. More than 300,000 children, parents, and grandparents attend 2,000+ buildOn constructed schools every day. Here’s why creating these educational opportunities is so important:

Do you believe that education can change the world?

We do! And when you make a donation you help prove it. Whether you give $5 or $500, your gift helps ensure that students have access to quality learning environments and that we can continue to build empowering partnerships with communities – partnerships that are guided by sustainability, gender equality, community ownership, and education for all.


Our Global Movement

In eight of the world’s economically poorest countries, buildOn empowers local residents to take the lead in bringing education and opportunity to their communities. Our sustainable approach ensures that schools are built with a community, not for a community – because the people we work with are true partners, not recipients of aid. 

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