We can’t wait 70 years

In 2000 world leaders at the Millennium Summit of the United Nations pledged to ensure that by 2015, children everywhere, boys and girls alike, will be able to complete a full course of primary schooling.

As we begin 2014, we realize the world isn’t even close to making the goal. At this point more than 57 million children continue to be denied the right to primary education, and many of them will probably never enter a classroom. UNESCO reports that at this rate, children will have to wait 70 years to get a primary school.

Burkina Faso is the fourth poorest country in the world. Located in Western Africa, where 45% of the population is 14 years and below, only 28.7% of the population is literate.

“Literacy is the first condition for dialogue, communication and integration into new connected societies. Young people need new skills to enter and succeed in the job market: knowledge of several languages, understanding of cultural diversity, lifelong learning. Literacy is the key for acquiring knowledge, interpersonal skills, expertise and the ability to live together in community – all skills that are the foundations of modern society.” – UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova

That’s why buildOn has decided to expand it’s global school construction program to Burkina Faso. Thanks to our generous supporter Katharine McPhee, we will be breaking ground on a new primary school in less than a week. The school will be constructed in the Taga village where currently children must walk 2 ½ miles if they want to reach a school with proper classrooms.

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A word about our investor: Katharine McPhee has shown great support for the buildOn mission with funding two schools in Burkina Faso. She has seen the importance of education and furthermore- the importance of expanding our operations to this developing country. Katharine McPhe….