WeTopia Launches!: Support buildOn with a Facebook Game!

We’re proud to announce that buildOn has partnered with the new social gaming company SoJo Studios to bring you a Facebook app that lets you complete international outreach from your PC. WeTopia, as it’s called, elevates the fun of game play with friends and family into the joy of helping children around the world.

So how does it work? First, you sign up from Facebook here. Then each player gets to build their own WeTopia world, a children’s utopian village. This includes building houses, shops, and buildings, decorating with flowers, trees, fountains, and pets, and increasing population. By inviting Facebook friends to be “neighbors,” players can venture in to other players’ worlds.

Players reach new levels through different opportunities in the game where they accrue “Goodwill,” “Experience,” “Energy” or “Joy,” that unlock new goods, structures, and decorations that can be used in the game. A charitable aspect underlines the entire game; players have the opportunity to choose what projects Sojo and partners will support.

buildOn will have several different charitable projects available in WeTopia, where you can contribute to a new school for young children in Haiti or help support an afterschool program for struggling teens in innercity Detroit. As you get further along you’ll get updates directly from construction sites and afterschool service project locations — with pictures, video, and text showing the difference your dollars are making on children’s lives!

Join the revolution on Facebook with WeTopia! See you there!