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Education is essential to achieve gender equality, protect children from exploitation, and reduce poverty, yet millions of people in the world’s poorest countries do not have access to quality schools or educational opportunities. Since 2015, Humble Bundle has been working to change this by constructing primary schools and funding programs aimed at helping out-of-school children and illiterate adults. Through these initiatives, thousands of adults and children are being given the chance to receive an education and build a better future for themselves, their families, and their communities.

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Schools Built

Thupa, a community in the central region of Malawi is one of buildOn’s partner communities. Thupa Primary School was established in 1958 and educates 450 students across eight grades. But the school structure has been deteriorating over the last 60 years. Students have also had to sit on the floor because there are no desks in the classrooms.

However, with the help of Humble Bundle, buildOn and Thupa’s community members constructed a new school structure that will provide improved learning conditions to 530 students. The new school will also have increased capacity for more students. We will identify any out-of-school children and work to enroll them back into accelerated learning courses to help them rejoin their peers in the classroom.

Enrolling Out-Of-School Children

For families living in extreme poverty, even small expenses such as uniforms, pencils, and books can be cost prohibitive and prevent parents from being able to enroll their children in school. Through Humble Bundle’s partnership, buildOn was able to eliminate financial barriers to education through creative initiatives like the “Pass on a Goat Program.” Through this program, families were given a goat that they could then breed and sell to provide crucial income to support their children’s education. As the goats reproduce, the initial recipients will then pass on the offspring to the family of another out-of-school child, thus enabling more children to attend school.

Thank You, Humble Bundle!

“I believe I can make it despite the fact that I am a girl. I want to be educated and help the sick people in our country,” says Tabitha Banda, a student at Thupa Primary School in Malawi. Thank you, Humble Bundle, for your commitment to education and ensuring that adults and children, like Tabitha, have equal access to education and the opportunity to follow their dreams.