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Misha Malyshev, CEO Teza Technologies

Corporate Philanthropy Inspired by Students

“buildOn, in my mind, is the movement that allows other people to achieve their dreams.”

– Misha Malyshev

Meeting Misha Malyshev today, CEO and Founder of the global investment firm Teza Technologies, you would never guess he came from humble beginnings. While an expert in international trading now, Misha and his wife arrived to the United States from Russia with no more than $100 between them both, a great education, and a drive to succeed.

Misha is a testament to the American Dream — that anyone, no matter their background, can achieve success through education and hard work. But with U.S. high schools crumbling and the dropout rate climbing, that dream has become more like a fantasy for many students. That’s why Misha Malyshev has fully committed himself and his company to supporting educational opportunities like buildOn’s program for Chicago students, so that every child has the same opportunity to succeed that he had.

“In our company, everyone’s achievement is based on good education,” Misha said. “We believe that it is something we can be strongly behind, something that we can really support and we want to be part of.”

“Education is a great enabler. It’s what allows people to move forward.”

– Misha Malyshev

Misha was moved to support buildOn’s afterschool programs in Chicago after meeting with a few of its program members. It was their optimism that impressed him. With buildOn, Misha believed he could help students to become “better members of society and achieve more in life.” Encouraged by buildOn’s long history of success engaging students academically – 94% of buildOn program members not only graduate high school but go onto college – Teza has now raised $235,000 for our programs.

Today, this support ensures that students across Chicago have access to afterschool programs that empower them to raise expectations for their communities and themselves, puts them on a path to graduation and gives them the foundation they need to succeed. In addition to supporting buildOn, Misha also supports initiatives that encourage students to study Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

“Education is a great enabler. It’s what allows people to move forward. It’s what allows people to change their careers and their lives. I believe that I was lucky to have this opportunity, and I believe that other people should have this opportunity also. Then it’s up to you how far you take it,” Misha says.

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