Reflections from Trek: Sierra in Nicaragua

Coyotera ANF Materaials

Sierra Hall is a buildOn student at Furness High School in Philadelphia. In July 2013, she went on Trek to build a school in Nicaragua. Some of her fondest memories on Trek involve teaching her host family a few English words each night—words like “pineapple,” “nose,” and “door.” Sierra says going on Trek helped her establish that she wants to help others as a career. To read the rest of Sierra’s personal reflection, click here

I’ve always enjoyed helping others and seeing the pleasure upon people’s faces because it makes me feel at peace. Ever since I was younger I always felt comfortable helping my classmates out with homework and reviewing problems that they didn’t understand. It made me feel accomplished when I do those things, but what made this experience special with my host family is I was able to show how important education is and how much it means to me.

When I discovered that I was chosen to go Nicaragua and help build a school foundation in a remote village, words cannot describe how happy I felt at that very moment. I knew this was my chance to make a difference in someone else’s life and get the full insight on how crucial education is in countries with poverty such as Nicaragua. That’s why I’m deciding to pick a career that allows me to work with children in need of education or any type of help that involves me making a significant difference.