buildOn Helps the Phillies Go Green!

Repeating a favorite activity of ours from last summer, buildOn students from Philadelphia attended a Phillies game over the weekend to help collect recyclables from throngs of fans at Citizens Bank Park. Part of the Philly Goes Green initiative and an attempt on the ball park’s part to adopt more sustainable practices, the afternoon’s service involved walking up and down aisles after each inning and collecting cans, bottles, and paper containers in large trash bags. After the seventh inning, students were free to watch the remainder of the game.

Program Coordinator Crystal Collins noted the fun that all the students had getting involved with a hometown institution. “One teen was really surprised at how eager people were to recycle,” she said. “She wound up with a huge bag full of bottles and cups. Other students had never seen a baseball game before, and this provided a great opportunity for them to get the know the sport’s logistics. It made them want to follow their hometeam more consistently being among so many passionate fans.”

Collins looks forward to a similar partnership with the stadium next year, as the recycling activity provides an appealing way for students to get involved in their communities over the summer. “We see so many of our students complaining on Facebook that they have nothing to do during these months,” she commented. “We’re trying to give them an awesome reason to leave their homes and do some good.”