Celebrating World Literacy Day

Thursday, September 8th is World Literacy Day, and this year the global community is celebrating the theme Transforming Literacy Learning Spaces — something buildOn knows a lot about! We’ll be spreading the word about the illiteracy epidemic and how buildOn is advancing literacy and taking on global poverty by building quality classrooms around the world, and we need your help!

Share how literacy has changed your life and spread the word:
  • Step 1: Post a photo of a book that’s changed your life on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or your favorite social media platform on World Literacy Day, September 8th.

  • Step 2: Add a caption about the power of literacy to change lives by eliminating poverty and spread the word about buildOn’s work to promote literacy.

  • Step 3: Include the hashtags #WorldLiteracyDay and #buildOnReadOn and encourage your friends to share their favorite book and help spread the word.

Check out some sample posts with photos and captions below:

I can’t imagine what my life would be like without amazing books like Fire Keeper’s Daughter by Angeline Boulley. Yet, there are 773 million people around the world who have never had the opportunity to experience the joys of reading, because they don’t have access to education. That’s why this #WorldLiteracyDay I’m supporting the incredible work that buildOn is doing to build schools and promote literacy for children and adults. You can help too! Post a photo of yourself with one of your favorite books and the hashtag #buildOnReadOn and donate today at buildon.org/literacy to help buildOn construct schools and end the cycle of illiteracy.

Crafting Your Message:

As you are writing your caption, think about why literacy is important to you personally and what your life might be like if you couldn’t do simple things like read a road sign or medical document, send a text message, or experience the knowledge and joy that comes from reading a great book.

You can also include some important facts around the power of literacy and education:

  • 773 million adults across the globe cannot read or write, 2/3 of these adults are female.
  • Children born to educated mothers are 50% more likely to live past the age of 5.
  • 171 million fewer people would live in poverty if all children acquired basic reading skills- a 12% reduction in global poverty.
  • Just one more year of schooling can increase a girl’s future income by up to 12%.
  • If all girls completed their primary school education, the number of child brides married before the age of 15 would be reduced by one-sixth.
  • There would be $1.19 trillion dollars in savings to the global economy if illiteracy were eliminated.
  • 58 million primary school-aged children are currently not in school, and will never learn to read.
  • More information on the global education crisis can also be found here!

Want to keep it simple? Feel free to copy and edit this text with the title of your favorite book:

Happy #WorldLiteracyDay! To celebrate I’m featuring one of my all-time favorite books, _________ to raise awareness and critical funds to ensure that every child and adult gets the opportunity to learn to read. Post a photo of yourself with one of your favorite books and the hashtag #buildOnReadOn to raise awareness around the importance of literacy and donate today at buildon.org/literacy to support the critical work that buildOn is doing to end the cycle of illiteracy worldwide!

How is buildOn helping to end illiteracy?

Thank you for joining us this World Literacy Day and helping to spread the word about the power of literacy to transform lives and end the cycle of poverty. If you have any questions or want to learn more about how you can support buildOn’s work, please reach out to Caryn Bladt, Global Marketing Manager at caryn.bladt@buildon.org.