Making a Gift That Will Grow With Your Donor Advised Fund

Looking to make an impact that will grow with your investments? Funding our mission through your Donor Advised Fund might be a great option! Here’s a few helpful FAQs about giving to buildOn using a Donor Advised Fund:

What is a Donor Advised Fund?

A Donor Advised Fund (DAF) is essentially a charitable investment account. You contribute cash, stocks, or other assets to the DAF, receive an immediate tax deduction, and then recommend grants to your favorite charities and nonprofits over time. It allows you to simplify your giving, enjoy tax benefits, and have more control over how your charitable dollars are used. Additionally, as the funds grow over time, your gift and impact grows with them! Think of it as a charitable retirement account that lets you choose where the funds eventually go.

Why should I donate using a Donor Advised Fund?

Donating to buildOn through a DAF allows you to receive an immediate tax deduction for the full contribution amount in the year you donate to the DAF, regardless of when you recommend the grant to buildOn. DAFs are one of the most tax-advantageous ways to support your favorite organizations. They offer a centralized platform for managing all your charitable giving. You can recommend grants to multiple charities, including buildOn, from a single account, simplifying the record-keeping process.

Why should I grant funds from my Donor Advised Fund to buildOn?

Donors who give from their DAF play an instrumental role in breaking the cycle of poverty and illiteracy through service and education for years to come. Your contribution can help build schools, get students involved in their communities, and ignite positive change around the world. If you’re passionate about education, community development, and youth empowerment, supporting buildOn through your DAF allows you to align your charitable giving with your personal values.

I’m a Donor Advised Fund Administrator. Why should I recommend buildOn to DAF holders?

Through buildOn’s Service Learning Program in under-resourced U.S. high schools and our Global School Construction Program in the world’s economically poorest countries, we’re committed to breaking the cycle of poverty and illiteracy across the globe. 

How can I give to buildOn from my Donor Advised Fund?

Each DAF administrator has its own process for recommending grants. Reach out to yours and ask them to grant funds to buildOn! 

Ready to give to buildOn through your DAF?

Get started or find other ways to give to buildOn on our website. If you have additional questions, please reach out to Aled Hollingworth, our Vice President of Development, at