Rahm the Rooster Goes to Malawi

Where in the world is Rahm the Rooster?

Rahm is one of our Chicago office’s mascots, getting its name from the Windy City’s mayor, Rahm Emanuel. (We have another mascot named Mayor Daley, a large sheep named after Chicago’s former mayor Richard M. Daley.) We took Rahm – a fuzzy and friendly guy who loves attending service programs – to build a school in Malawi.

You are probably asking why we would take a plush rooster halfway around the world. The answer is simple: we wanted to tell the story about service and building a school in a fun way. So, Rahm traveled to the village of Fungwe with buildOn’s Abbe Ewell. Little did Ewell know how much the villagers were fascinated by the plush rooster, examining it and taking turns holding it. Rahm proved to be a wonderful icebreaker and a big hit in Malawi.

Where do you think Rahm should go next?