Visit a Virtual School Ground Break Ceremony in Guatemala

When buildOn breaks ground on a new school in one of the eight developing countries where we serve, local community members are typically joined by buildOn volunteers from the U.S. These volunteers provide not only funding, but also service in constructing the school. Through our Trek program, buildOn supporters and community members form valuable bonds of solidarity as they live and build together.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has kept buildOn supporters from traveling to break ground, they’ve continued their commitment to funding buildOn schools, and we’ve continued our commitment to bringing supporters and communities together through ‘Virtual Ground Break Ceremonies.’ These interactive video sessions take buildOn supporters to the worksite to virtually meet the community they’re helping, learn why they’re committed to brining education to their community, and immerse in our school building methodology.

Check out a recent Virtual Ground Break Ceremony from a buildOn school in the village of Caserio Tunima, Guatemala:

Today, the new school in Caserio Tunima is complete and ready for students to learn!

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