Planned Giving

Make Ending Poverty Part of Your Legacy

Joining buildOn’s Planned Giving Program is one of the most powerful actions that you can take to help end poverty and illiteracy.  A legacy commitment is an investment in transparent, sustainable work that will directly impact under-served communities at home and abroad.

Make a Difference for Generations to Come

buildOn’s Planned Giving Program was designed to help ensure your legacy while supporting our mission. Your legacy gift will provide a meaningful way for you to be remembered by your family, friends, and buildOn community. You will be making a difference in the lives of people living below the poverty line and be a part of something larger than yourself for years to come.

There are many impactful ways to make a legacy gift, including:

  • A gift in your will
  • No-cash assets
  • Beneficiary designations (retirement accounts, life insurance policies, and/or annuities)
  • Qualified charitable distributions through your IRA

Let's Discuss Your Legacy

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your vision for creating a lasting legacy through our Planned Giving Program. Please contact us at to begin this important conversation today.