buildOn Service Learning

We Bring Service-Learning Curriculum to the Classroom!

We strive to help students bridge the gap between academic knowledge and real-life implementation and use service-learning to do so. Through our in-classes, we empower students to be more civically engaged and leverage their unique leadership qualities to be the change they want to see in their communities.

A Message to Our Educators and Administrators

We are here to support you! At buildOn, we offer social-justice themed service-learning in-class workshops that drive common core standards and further social-emotional learning. Each session is fully adaptable to complement the needs of your classroom and is facilitated by our experienced Engagement Specialists. 

Our Service Themes at a Glance

  • Mental Health
  • Environmental Justice
  • Voting Rights
  • Healthcare is a Human Right
  • Prison Reform
  • Anti-Violence Advocacy

And so much more! Our service themes are constantly expanding to fit the scope and breadth of our student’s interests.

Benefits to Collaborating with buildOn

Benefits to Teachers

  • Strengthen Student + Teacher Relationships—Participating in service together brings an interesting twist to the day-to-day structure of distance learning and is an opportunity to build relationships through acts of solidarity.
  • Real-World Connection — Service learning allows students to apply what they’ve learned in your classroom to the communities they live in by thinking deeply about systemic issues and how service can be used to begin the mitigation process.   
  • Common Core Standards — Our curriculum makes explicit connections to common core standards. Therefore, you never have to worry about fitting it into your lesson plan.  
  • Flexible — You tell us how much time you have or what you hope your students will gain from the session and we will modify our lessons to meet those needs! 
  • Free — Participating in a buildOn in-class comes with absolutely no cost to teachers, students, or the school!


Our Service-Learning Curriculum at a Glance

Download a Sample Lesson

Want a sneak peek at one of our lessons? Download a sample curriculum that walks you through the service-learning activities, learning objectives, social-emotional connections, and common core connections. 

Download Here

Together, we can empower our students to lead, first by learning to serve, unleashing courage, resilience, empathy, and a passion for the possible, to build solidarity even when we are socially distant.
Please tell us a bit about you’d like to collaborate with buildOn in your classroom and a buildOn staff member will get in touch with you shortly.

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