Ron’s poem: Hope in Two Worlds

You met Ron in a previous post when he gave us a tour of his host family’s home. He is an amazing student who is overcoming serious adversity on many levels. Back in Detroit, his step dad and mother are both unemployed. They live in a trailer park after being evicted from their home earlier in the year, and he thinks they may get evicted again when we return to the ‘States.

Ron is clearly living below the U.S. poverty line in the poorest city (economically) in America. Yet here he is building a school for children in the second poorest country in the Western hemisphere. And he has been lifting up people in Detroit through buildOn service every week for more than a year.

Ron’s courage, compassion and resiliency are an inspiration. His poetry is powerful. Here’s one of the many he’s been writing during our time here.

Hope in Two Worlds
Times may get challenging
But you push through like everyone else.
When you think you’re alone
Remember someone will always help.

People always wonder why I’m so happy,
And ask why.
I look them in the eye
Then explain why.

At home there’s no time to pout,
Only time to help.
I never feel like a stranger
Call me the helping ranger.

Motivation is the key
When I help a kid.
I remember when I first tutored,
I was kinda scared
But when Angelie said,
“I hope you’ll always be there.”

That was a change for me.
Try to knock me down if you dare.
buildOn has made me better
I will stay strong forever.

I walk around with my new family
everyone is so content.
Working hard in the morning
dancing at night.
Not having much
but happy with such.

Enjoying life,
and having spirit.
Looking into their eyes
filled with hope.
Playing games
with only a rope.

I feel like my work is lifting spirits,
When I know I’m helping others.
My work is really good
I wanted to help as many as I could.

I’m pushing back
Giving people a break.
Putting in my all
For people’s sake.

The school is giving a chance
To kids who need a few extra hands.
I could see a glimpse of hope
When I look in to their eyes.

I’m working hard,
So kids won’t start to die
Education is what they need
And for that I won’t retreat.

I am going to do great things!
I am going to the store,
To buy everyone a hope ring.
I will help the old.
I will help the young.
My heart is sold.
To the happiness in others’ hearts.