ONE buildOn Awards Back Up

Regional Celebrations

From the coast to coast and around the world, buildOn staff came together in their regions across the globe to watch the 2018 ONE buildOn Awards live and to celebrate an amazing year of service throughout the movement. Learn more about how staff in each of our U.S. cities and countries around the world celebrated the awards by reading on below!

It’s a Happy Who-Lidays!

Connecticut’s party was a Grinch-fest! Whos came dressed in their best Who-liday attire. We ate pizza and everyWho brought a special dessert to share with each Who. We then got in the Who-liday spirit with 2 games: ‘Do you want to build a snowman?’ and ‘Project: Ugly Sweater’. The Connecticut team was divided into 3 groups and the winners of each game got a prize. Our venue’s hosts determined the winners! Finally, we gave a special prize to the best dressed Who. Our hearts truly grew 3 sizes that day! | buildOn in Connecticut


NYC’s party was anything but a snooze. Staff arrived in PJs for our Pajama IPARDY! Karaoke was sung, gifts were exchanged, shout outs were written, slippers were worn, and we even had a flying squirrel onesie. What could be better? | buildOn in NYC

Red Carpet Celebration

Colorful decor, festive vibes, and Latin-Caribbean cuisine to beat the winter blues! The Chicago crew partied dressed to the nines where we (literally!) rolled out the red carpet at world-renowned restaurant, Carnivale. To celebrate our achievements this year, we handed out our own version of the “Buildies, fun awards we created for each team member” and everyone walked away with a little gold statuette! | buildOn in Chicago

Winter Tropics at Boda Borg

Boston proved itself the *coolest* among ONE buildOn with its Winter Tropical theme and adventurous afternoon at Boda Borg! We successfully navigated 10 quests in our Holiday Hawaiian shirts including a ball pit, a day on the farm, several trivia nights, a fallout shelter, Alcatraz, and a night among the stars. | buildOn in Boston

Holidays in Paradise

“Holidays in Paradise” playing off the image that California staff always are laid back and in the sun. All staff wore floral/Hawaiian shirts, sunglasses, parrot tiki mugs and spent the morning celebrating the ONE buildOn awards, creating buildOn gingerbread schools with a tropical theme followed by a white elephant. We continued the day by eating at a very paradise themed Thai restaurant followed by taking our “cruise ship” (aka SF Ferry) over to San Francisco for our final destination for the day at Pacific Cocktail haven, a perfect combination of Tropical/Tiki and Xmas cheer! | buildOn in Oakland

Dance and Karaoke

We in Nicaragua organized the decoration of the office with the colors of the logo of buildOn, we made t-shirts with our own Nica logo. We also made cups with the name of each team member, which we distributed during the celebration. We feasted all day and in the mid-afternoon there were dances and karaoke, and we celebrated the December birthdays of team members. | buildOn in Nicaragua

Amw hé buildOn (We are buildOn)

The ONE buildOn Awards celebration was a really nice and useful day that allowed us to have fun together. We were also able to see the ONE buildOn spirit, since everyone was celebrating all at once. We decorated our office festively and Abdoul, Brahima and Fatim gave speeches. We were all dressed in white, black, blue, and orange with our buildOn hats. We celebrated and ate together in the office all day before going out in the evening to celebrate Adama’s award! Goita played music for us until the video started. The day was a success! | buildOn in Mali

300 and Counting

In Malawi we had an exciting event, we choose to do it at a garden, which was well decorated with balloons. We had golf shirts made for each staff member. We had games, music and dancing, we had lots of food, you name it. We had a delicious cake with the buildOn logo and these words “300 and Counting” on it too. 300 and counting represented the number 300 School block that buildon Malawi will build by January/February 2019. It was a good moment all together. | buildOn in Malawi

Burkina Faso
Christmas in Burkina

We celebrated Christmas in Burkina. For that we had red and yellow decorations like the buildOn logo. We all had matching white t-shirts and also even matching pants! In the Christmas spirit, we decorated the office for Christmas. We chose the employee of the year (it was Rolande!). We did a White Elephant gift exchange, and we shared a meal together. | buildOn in Burkina Faso

Picnic at Jokhar

Nepal celebrated the ONE buildOn awards through a picnic at Jokhar lake near Dhangadhi. We ate goat and made different curries with it, danced, and played different games too. | buildOn in Nepal

buildOn Colors

The ONE buildOn awards celebration was a moment of communion that allowed us to gather together for fun and festivities. We were able to affirm our identity as a team while also affirming our belonging to the larger buildOn family. We dressed in matching clothes: black and white (the men) and red/yellow/orange (the ladies), the goal being to bring out the buildOn colors. We had a banner, buildOn themed decorations, holiday lights and all of us had buildOn scarves. Finally, we cut the ONE buildOn awards cake! | buildOn in Senegal


In the history of buildOn Haiti, this was the first time we had such a party! This occasion was, for us, a moment of togetherness, of exchange, of distraction and of celebration. We decorated our office in Christmas colors (and wore Christmas colors too!). We shared gifts, what a lovely ambiance! We also set off fireworks. It was great that it felt like Christmas before Christmas! We were united in our hearts with buildOn teams around the world. | buildOn in Haiti

Congrats to 2018’s winners and a big shout out to all the regional celebrations around the world!